The Brooklyn Taco Experiment Takes Over the Bell House This Weekend


Earlier today, Our Man Sietsema turned his thoughts to the burrito. This weekend, Nick Suarez and Theo Peck invite you to turn your own thoughts — and stomachs and dollars — to the taco.

On Sunday, the Brooklyn Taco Experiment will take place at the Bell House from 1-5pm. The stakes are even higher for Peck and Suarez’s third experiment: Cascabel’s Todd Mitgang, Calexico’s David Vendley, and the Red Hook ballfield’s Cesar Fuentes — people who know from tacos — will be among the judges, and the grand prize is two round-trip tickets to Mexico. We can only begin to guess at the fillings competitors will dream up, but can wager that fish tacos and a sterno lighter won’t be a winning combination, and that at least one person’s going to find a way to stick chocolate and fleur de sel in a tortilla.


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