Was Tony Curtis The Father of Marilyn’s Miscarriage?


So I just finished the memoirs of Kaye Ballard, Ernie Borgnine, and Carroll Baker–all the books they left out in my Ivy League curriculum–and now I’ve gotten around to Tony Curtis‘s 2009 tome, The Making of ‘Some Like It Hot’.

And I like the book when it GETS hot–namely, the part about Tony’s sexual revisit with Marilyn on the set of the movie and how she later became preggers.

And that led to some awkwardness, to put it mildly.

One day, Marilyn was acting even more unprofessionally than usual, and that led to a brawl on the set, with Curtis at the helm of the frustrated battle.

When Curtis went to Marilyn’s dressing room to apologize, her hubby Arthur Miller confronted him for having recently bedded his wife.

Curtis apologized for that too.

And that’s when Marilyn fixed the actor with a plaintive gaze and blurted, “I think the baby is yours.”

The horrified Miller pooh-poohed the idea, but he never really found out for sure. Marilyn ended up miscarrying and the world never got to see if it looked like a cross between Norma Jeane Baker and Bernard Schwartz.

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