Ace Hotel Bar Gets a Redesign


Yesterday, Aisha Sharpe of Contemporary Cocktails, the consulting firm hired to design the cocktail list for The Breslin, sat down with Fork in the Road to talk gin drinks, housemade syrups, and what to sip with fatty pork. Now, she says, the firm has also been tapped to redesign the Ace Hotel bar — from the layout to the signature libations.

“It’s a one-station bar now,” says Sharpe. “I’m changing it to a three-station bar… And we’re starting with three [house] cocktails. When the redesign is done, we’ll have a full [drinks] menu.”

Contemporary Cocktails is usually hired to come up with signature cocktails. But, if they come into the picture early enough, they can help a bar or restaurant design an entire floor plan. Sharpe says the new cocktails will be named for songs, in the same way that The Breslin’s drinks are named for albums. The redesign, she adds, should be complete by end of February.

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