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Cindy Adams On Harold Ford: He’s Fabby!


When you’re running for office in New York, there is nothing like having in your corner the mighty New York Post where you get the news section PLUS the editorial page!

The latest to enjoy this Murdochian free ride is Tennessee import Harold Ford who, after already landing a front page op-ed (“FORD REVS UP!”) and a big favorable Sunday spread, got the best the Post has to offer: the full Cindy Adams treatment.

Among the choice revelations:

Intimate time with wife: How’s he going to find time for her, the randy Adams asks Ford, since “campaigning for office is a form of birth control”?

HF: “Ohh, I’ll always find time for that. Always have, always will.” (Go Harold!)

A New Yorker at heart: “I was here in college days and always knew New York was where I want to be.”

Wife’s dog Fabby: “She has me walking her tiny Chihuahua who’s 11, even though I get funny looks.”

Fave restaurants: “Places like Rosa Mexicana, Starbucks, BLT Fish or, after church…Big Daddy’s on Park and 20th.” (Starbucks?)

Re being a black man running for the Senate: “I’ll handle it head-on like I’ve handled everything else in my life.”


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