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iPad is a Fujitsu Bar-Code Reader, Which May Be a Problem for Apple


Pee-wee Gets An iPad! from Pee-wee Herman

Whoops! Fujitsu says it applied for a trademark in 2003 on the name iPad — which just happens to be what Apple is calling its latest piece of tech-crack. The electronics marketer put out a bar-code reader for commercial use under that name in seven years ago; a beef with another company arose over the name, reports the Times, and Fujitsu dropped the application, then revived it last June. Fujitsu says it “cannot really comment” on the issue at this time, but no one expects them to just walk away and forget it.

PCWorld reviews some previous Apple trademark disputes — with the Beatles’ record company, with Cisco over the name of the iPhone, etc. — and says, ” Apple has a history of naming its products first, and worrying about trademark litigation later.” GadgetCrave finds that Mag-Tek has an IPAD trademark, and STMicroelectronics owns “Ipad” in Europe.

The track record suggests Apple will pay some money and keep the name. What interests us more is that Funny or Die got on this whole thing already.


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