Laura Linney’s Back On Broadway


Donald Margulies’s Time Stands Still is a new play that opened last night on Broadway–and new plays must be celebrated!

So I went to the after-party at Planet Hollywood and engorged myself with sliders!

And the play?

Well, it suffers from occasional clunky exposition and a slightly dated sense of the importance of magazine photojournalism.

And Act One is stronger than Act Two.

But it’s still a stimulating look at two wildly differing couples–one that documents misery for a living while the other opts for sunniness, babies, and balloons–and how various conflicts are played out on their romantic battlegrounds.

Laura Linney is terrific, full of bristling anger and withering sarcasm as a woman burned in love and war. So are the other three stars, including Alicia Silverstone, who makes her potentially cliched naif character more rounded and sympathetic than a lot of lesser actresses would have.

So go see Time Stands Still. It’s not Mamma Mia!

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