Miracle Grill is the Latest Restaurant to File for Bankruptcy


Five years after opening on Seventh Avenue, Park Slope’s Miracle Grill shut its doors at the beginning of this month. And now it appears to be the latest in a growing line of restaurants filing for bankruptcy.

Crain’s reports that Miracle Grill filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection today, and from the sounds of it, it needs it: the restaurant’s $35,000 worth of assets are dwarfed by its liabilities of more than $380,000.

The report was filed by one Slim Lamb, a decidedly more colorful name than Michael Ensminger, the Miracle Grill’s owner; the economic downturn was listed as the reason for the filing. The restaurant is in debt to more than 50 creditors, including Brooklyn’s Joli Seafood and Meat, to which it owes $3,500. All of which adds up to a hell of a lot more breakfast burritos and scrambled eggs chilaquiles than Miracle Grill was apparently able to sell.


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