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Osama Bin Laden is the New Twitter Sensation | Village Voice


Osama Bin Laden is the New Twitter Sensation


Osama Bin Laden — or whoever is filling in for Osama Bin Laden, like the guys who took over for the original Drifters or the Harlem Globetrotters — has in his latest pirate tape denounced global warming. In response, some Twitter people have started a #nextOBLtape thread. Among their predicted future bombshells: “OBL begs the world to ‘Leave Britney Alone!'” “bin Laden recounts how Catcher in the Rye and People’s History of the United States really changed his life,” “Bin laden can’t believe Conan thanked NBC on his last show,” etc.

Among the participants is ABC correspondent Jake Tapper, who tweets, “bin Laden wants to see another Shuster v Breitbart throwdown,” and “bin laden thinks @michaelesalahi is beautiful. there, he said it.”

See, this is how we should be treating our enemies — as objects of derision (and occasionally avatars for our most secret desires), not as unelected legislators with a vote on how we run our own courts.


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