Poll: Voters Smack Down Governor’s Plan to Bring Back Ultimate Fighting


Among his other budget prescriptions, Governor Paterson hopes to bring in some cash by reauthorizing Ultimate Fighting matches, which few-holds-barred mixed-martial-arts contests the state banned in 1997. But a new Marist Poll shows that 68 percent of voters don’t like the idea.

“Not surprisingly, more women than men oppose making this controversial sport legal,” says Marist. They run 82 percent against; men are 55 percent opposed.

Oddly, self-professed conservatives — whom you’d think would welcome Paterson’s plan to get the nanny state to butt out of blood sport — oppose it 70 to 27 percent. The only demographic where it’s even close is among those aged 18 to 29, who are split 50-50. (This group also reports zero percent undecided. Undecided numbers are remarkable low in this poll, getting only as high a five percent among those 60 and older, and three percent among all respondents.)

We guess this bodes ill for the logical next step: legalized cockfights and pit bull matches. Sure, they’re cruel, but think of the revenues!

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