New York

Bear cubs move to the Bronx


The urban wildlife invasion continues: three orphaned alaskan brown bear cubs and a grizzly from Montana were introduced to the Bronx Zoo on Thursday.

The sibling alaskan cubs, Kootz (brown bear in Tlinget), Denali and Sitka, were rescued from Baranof Island by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game last year. They’ve been living at Fortress of The Bear, a rescue center in Sitka (where, presumably, they could see Russia from their house). They’re roughly a year old.

Glacier, the grizzly, was captured by National Park Rangers in Glacier National Park in Montana, and has been living in the Washington State University Bear Center. He’s a year older.

All four were rescued after their mothers were killed in a place where bear and human habitats overlapped. Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny thinks they provide a teachable moment about coexistence. “Given that people are building homes inside prime bear habitat, it is unrealistic to expect those areas to be free of bears and that there won’t be encounters between people and bears. Instead, we should look for ways to co-exist.”

Roy, I suspect, begs to differ.

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