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Michael Musto Profiled in the New York Times


Normally at this time of a Saturday morning we are kept from our desk by coke-addicted strippers and such like, but must stagger back to mention the new Times profile of our own Michael Musto. He is described therein as someone who has “chronicled the lives of drag queens, club kids, and an array of freaks and celebrities for The Village Voice for 25 years,” though this is an incomplete description of his achievements — he is also a TV star, a clairvoyant, and an author whose latest book, Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back is coming out this month.

The Times refers to Musto’s “arched eyebrows and rubbery grin,” which seems meant to evoke The Joker, but the superior Cesar Romero interpretation, so we don’t take offense. He’s also described as ” a bit of a throwback,” but as the modern era is characterized by TMZ and Perez Hilton, this too we take as compliment.

But they also say he’s “primarily a word-on-paper guy,” and here we must protest, as his Voice blog La Daily Musto is the go-to internet venue for people who enjoy Page Six style gossip but also like local coverage (e.g. “Inside The Downtown Celebrity Known As Acid Betty“), audience participation (“What’s The Worst Surgery You’ve Ever Seen?“), and serious theater criticism (“Can Scarlett Johansson Act?“), which distinguishes him among online gossip scribes.

They also force from Musto the comment, “Now I am more positive than negative.” Slander! Go to his blog, and weekly column, and see. Also, consider: What other quriky, sexually discordant columnist is worth a Times story? Besides Ross Douthat, we mean.


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