Couples That Are All Over Each Other Don’t Last


Last year, a club regular I know found a boyfriend and was thrilled about all the hot sex they were having.

That plunged them into a sizzling relationship, and every time I ran into them at a bar or club, they were all over each other, gleefully making out and dry humping, unable to keep their hands off each other for a gay second.

Clearly, they were deeply in lust, and also got off on having an audience to applaud their shared hormonal feelings.

But the whole thing made me a little apprehensive–it was too much, too soon, too public–and sure enough, when I recently ran into one of that very couple, I wondered where the other half was.

“It’s over,” he admitted. “He cheated.”

Which proves my old rule: When the sex is torrid in the beginning and that’s the basis for the relationship, things will die the second the heat does.

Beware, people!

Almost always, couples that are all over each other will simply be all over!