Dirt Candy’s Family Meals Receive Proper Documentation


While there are plenty of photos dedicated to the food chefs put on customers’ plates, there are far fewer that document what, exactly, the chef and the rest of her or his kitchen staff eat when they sit down to partake of their daily family meal.

And that’s where Amanda Cohen and her cell phone come in.

On the Dirt Candy blog, Cohen is taking what she describes as “low quality photos taken on my beat-to-hell cell phone of each day’s family meal” to describe the some 240 such meals she and her staff eat every year.

So far, there are six photos on the site. And while Cohen describes family meal as “usually made up of leftovers, food that is about to go bad, food that just went bad but won’t kill you yet, food that was over-ordered or anything else you can find,” most of it looks way more appetitizing than the leftovers we cobbled together from our own fridge.


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