J.J. Putz Says Mets Didn’t “Really” Give Him a Physical, Suggests Team Told Him to Hide Injury


Everyone was very excited when the Mets acquired Mariners reliever J.J. Putz at the end of 2008. “If J.J. Putz is healthy,” said ESPN’s Keith Law, “the Mets got one of the best closers on the market.”

But apparently Putz wasn’t so healthy; he didn’t have a great 2009 (“Putz looks hurt,” wrote Dave Cameron in April), and ended his season with bone spur surgery in June. (He’s now with the White Sox.)

Might this unfortunate situation have been avoided? Putz tells CSN Chicago that “when the trade went down last year, I never really had a physical with the Mets.” He said his troublesome bone spur was “discovered the previous year in Seattle, and it never got checked out by any other doctors until I got to spring training, and the spring training physical is kind of a formality.”

CSN claims “the Mets told Putz not to talk about being hurt with the media.” “The toughest part,” says Putz, “was having to face the media and tell them that you feel fine, even though you know there’s something wrong and they don’t want you telling them that you’re banged up.”

Faith and Fear in Flushing says this kind of helps explain why Carlos Beltran was so eager to get his recent knee surgery, which will delay the start of his 2010 season and which the Mets claimed they hadn’t cleared. “With more and more evidence out there,” says FAFIF, “can anyone claim with a straight face that the Mets baseball-operations folks aren’t mindbogglingly incompetent?”

Putz Confirms: The Mets are Run by Morons,” says Caught Lookin’.


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