Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley


According to a press release: “When celeb-biographer Mark Bego signed on as editor of the one-time magazine REMEMBERING THE KING: MICHAEL JACKSON’s FINAL TRIBUTE, little did he realize he’d be in the center of a firestorm between Elvis fans and Jackson fans.”

Says Bego, “Two days after it went on sale at Barnes and Noble and WalMart, I started getting rather hysterical emails from Elvis fans vs. the Michael fans. I guess the battle for the #1 spot will always be there.”

Bego swears that one email said, “Elvis is King…He started the sexual revolution with Hefner. He gave teenagers an identity they didn’t have as kids. Elvis sold about 1-million in 1956. That would have been equal to about 25 million in these days.”

Another said, “Go to the RIAA and see who has more gold certifications….and, Michael had an obsession with Elvis because he knew he was the only other one with class…600/700,00 people visit Graceland each year.”

Anyone want to just bury the hatchet and give the title to Cher?

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