New Japanther MP3 (Download: “Spread So Thin”), Album (Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream), Member!


Seems like just yesterday Japanther were bringing out 2008’s Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt, staging punk rock operas in the basement of PS122 with Penny Rimbaud from Crass, causing trouble in various Barnes and Nobles, and getting robbed on the A Train. But a new year brings glad tidings–a new record, Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream, due out on Menlo Park March 2nd; a new member, the Soviettes’ Anita Sparrows, whom the band met out in California on Christmas Eve; and a new single, “Spread So Thin” (download below) which adds a new layer of demented girl group harmony to the band’s usual fuzz n’ buzz melodic tricks.

Everybody’s making California records these days, it seems. (Rock ‘n’ Roll was recorded out in L.A., with Madonna producer Michael Blum.) But the duo-turned-trio’s downtown bonafides remain intact: Eileen Myles, the rad New York critic and poet, guests on two songs, and the band plays BAM’s Sounds Like Brooklyn festival this Thursday, at Station 171 (formerly Greenpoint’s 171 Lombardy) with the Death Set and Cerebral Ballzy. Can’t wait? They’re at the Woods tonight, playing the Rock ‘n’ Rescue for Haiti benefit with Das Racist. Be a good guy about it and go.

Download: [audio-1]

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