San Francisco Jumps on the Porchetta Bandwagon at Cane Rosso


Cane Rosso’s twisted version of the sandwich contains many decorations you simply wouldn’t find in Italy–or in New York, either.

Fork in the Road beer consultant Tracy Van Dyk reports that San Francisco has gotten into the act, porchetta-wise, at Cane Rosso (“Red Dog”), a few-months-old place located in the Embarcadero specializing in so-called “Italian rotisserie.”

For the last couple of years, porchetta–a pork shoulder rolled around a filling of fennel, garlic, and organ meats, then roasted to bronze-skin perfection–has been a mini-fad in New York. Who’s suprised that culinary success here has spawned imitations on the West Coast?

Among our foremost examples are ‘inoteca, Salumeria Rossi, Porchetta, and Back Forty, but you can also find this beloved Italian specialty, often vended there from vans parked along country roads, in a dozen other New York restaurants in fairly authentic form.

But Cane Rosso’s sandwich is not just porchetta on a bread roll: “There is some
weird shit on it (mustard, pickled cabbage, and greens), but the meat
tastes good and has crispy skin,” reports Tracy, who has sampled porchetta in Italy and New York.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s what our more traditional sandiwich looks like:

The perfect and perfectly unadorned porchetta sandwich at the East Village’s Porchetta.

We’re definitely due for a NY-SF porchetta smackdown!

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