Smoked Meat Poutine at Mile End in Boerum Hill


Mile End’s house accentuated poutine adds fragments of Montreal-style smoked meat to the usual concoction.

One week in, Mile End is still striving mightily to meet the demand for its Montreal-style smoked meat, which is denser and more garnet than New York-style pastrami.

Yesterday, a friend and I arrived at 2 o’clock, only to find the limited supply of smoked meat (which is smoked on the premises) already exhausted. Luckily, some scraps had been saved to make Mile End’s special poutine ($11). This excellent dish begins with the standard well-browned fries, squeaky cheese curds, and decent brown gravy and mutates it into a masterpiece by raining fatty meat scraps across the gooey top of the dish, which then become mired in gravy–making one of the city’s biggest gutbombs.

In the restaurant biz, nothing sucks like success. Will Mile End be able to meet the demand, or will they become a victim of their own popularity? The bagels, which are imported from an undisclosed bakery in Montreal, were also out by 2 in the afternoon (the place stays open till 11 pm). You can follow the vicissitudes of Mile End’s meat supply on twitter.

Hey, how about selling the sandwiches to the higest bidder? 97A Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, 718-852-7510


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