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Taylor Dayne Won ‘Album of the Year’!


I was thrilled when one of my favorite vocalists, TAYLOR DAYNE, copped the biggest Grammy of them all, the one for Album of the Year.

I was surprised they remembered Taylor with such ferocity, but it was great that they did, considering her luscious lips used to emit throaty warblings that were both danceable (“Tell It To My Heart”) and rhapsodic (“Love Will Lead You Back”).
She defined a certain period of the ’80s and ’90s when not much else was happening in my life except for the hypnotic effect of her succession of catchy hit records.
And who will ever forget her lively stint as a replacement for the bitchy and superficial Princess Amneris in AIDA?
Thank you, Grammys, for digging back into your aural treasure trove and picking someone deserving for a change!
Oh, Taylor SWIFT?
Never mind.

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