The National Italian American Foundation Is Furious About Jersey Shore


And they’re ready to throw some meatballs!

Here are some highlights from their official statement:

“We were pleased that MTV, feeling pressure from the Italian American community and diminishing advertisers, discontinued using the offensive word ‘guido’ in voice-overs and promotional spots. However the deliberate association between Italian American identity and the term ‘guidos’ persisted throughout the season and was unmistakable in the program’s branding and marketing.

“Moreover, MTV failed to demonstrate that the ‘guido’ trend transcends ethnic lines. Rather than being a manifestation of Italian American identity, it is a youthful expression and lifestyle predominantly visible in the Northeast. This program and its characters had more in common with the adolescent residents of ‘Animal House’ than with Italian Americans.

“NIAF objects to MTV’s continued billing of this program as a ‘reality’ show. Its reliance on heavy editing and scripted segments featuring compensated actors pressed into unbecoming behavior renders Jersey Shore far from reality.

“While there are examples of Italian Americans who sympathize with the characters on Jersey Shore, the reality of the Italian American experience is much different. New Jersey’s ‘reality’ of Italian Americans includes Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., General Raymond T. Odierno, Bruce Springsteen, and Governor Chris Christie.

“It also includes a diverse group of white- and blue-collar individuals with varying socio-economic and educational levels who share a common position: that the outrageous behavior evident on Jersey Shore, which was laden with promiscuity, debauchery, and violence, was a disgrace.”

So yo, whaddya think, huh? Is MTV gonna pinch a cannoli?