New York

Valentino is Still Stirring Memories


Supermodels of the ’70s and ’80s, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ exhibit at the Steven Kasher Gallery, features 10 large-format portraits of legendary mannequins taken in 2009 while Greenfield-Sanders was working on a project for Vanity Fair.

Thrill to images of Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, and Beverly Johnson, all disproving my old adage, “Cute doesn’t age well.”

Another glam survivor, Michelle Phillips, showed up at the opening, and chatted with writer/collector Beauregard Houston-Montgomery.

Says Beauregard, “She was nice enough, until I mentioned how much I loved her in Ken Russell‘s Valentino, to which she gave a look and sniffed, ‘Yes, well that was a WEIRD experience!’

“Then designer Oliver Steinhaus tried to smoothe things over by going into a paean about how much he loved the movie–only he actually meant the documentary on the designer Valentino! Only in Chelsea!”

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