When sound was introduced to Japanese film in 1931, iconic director Yasujiro Ozu notoriously rejected the innovation, deeming it too distracting. Seventy-nine years and several ADD-afflicted generations later, John Schaefer of WNYC is breaking the silence with an eclectic ensemble of pop composers set to score three of Ozu’s early works live at the World Financial Center’s majestic Winter Garden. Tonight, Lori Goldston, who has collaborated with the likes of Nirvana and Cat Power, will get her shakuhachi on (it’s a bamboo flute, and not at all as dirty as it sounds) to replicate the offbeat narrative of Passing Fancy, Ozu’s endearing father-son dramedy. February 11 features Wayne Horvitz on piano, lending a heavier tone to the slightly more sinister Woman of Tokyo, and February 12 highlights enigmatic American folk artist, Robin Holcomb, accompanying the thriller That Night’s Wife. Sure to please lovers of Japanese cinema, instrumentals, and indoor botanicals alike.

Feb. 10-12, 7 p.m., 2010