CBS Versus Rap Music at the Grammys: “There Are Certain Things You Can’t Say, or Sing, on Television”


Leave it to these guys to save the Grammys’ one real rap performance for the very end, promote it to death in advance, and then censor literally half of the performance with the zeal of a beaver building a dam. CBS has finally issued a brief statement as to why they silenced Lil Wayne, Drake, and Eminem’s “Drop the World/Forever” medley on Sunday night, telling the Associated Press: “It was a rousing musical performance, but words were edited from the live telecast that didn’t meet our broadcast standards. We have great respect for artists’ creative freedom, but there are certain things you can’t say, or sing, on television.”

Of course, the uncensored video clearly shows that none of the three rappers said much of anything that was actually objectionable–though both songs are littered with swear words, these guys are pros, and the tape proves that Em, Wayne, and Drake left all the offensive stuff out, CBS censors or no CBS censors. It’s not like this was the first time Eminem appeared on live television. Nevertheless, CBS feared for their “broadcast standards.” Where were they when Zac Brown Band beat a helpless nation into stunned submission? [ArtsBeat]

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