Do Not Be Alarmed: The Terrifying “Flames, Steam, and Fog” Scheduled For Union Square Park This Evening Are Just Promotion for Beyonce’s Perfume Line


Because it’s called “Heat,” see? Fresh off of taking the Grammys by military force on Sunday night, Beyonce will run up on innocent little Union Square Park tonight, “flickering projections of flames, steam and fog” in tow, by way of launching her new fragrance line. All this noise will be emanating from 15 Union Square, site of the original Tiffany’s and the spot from which the sales pitch will both originate and then culminate with the star herself “appearing out of the advertising,” whatever that means. Like in DeLillo, maybe, or The Science of Sleep. There’s an afterparty too, where Solange will be DJing and big Jay-Z will be in the building. But you’re not invited to that one, just the freezing cold part outside, with the flames. [WWD]

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