Food, Inc. and Julie & Julia Add Edible Component to the Oscars


Here at Fork in the Road, we generally don’t concern ourselves with moving pictures unless, of course, they happen to concern themselves with the preparation and/or eating and/or politics of food. Which, it so happens, two of this year’s Oscar nominees do.

So our congratulations to Food, Inc., nominated for Best Documentary, for getting the Academy — as well as scads of theatergoers — to think about genetically modified corn and the inhumanity of factory farming. And congratulations to Meryl Streep, nominated for Best Actress for Julie & Julia, for bringing the inestimable Mrs. Child back to glorious life, and for making the consumption of Dover sole appear tantamount to sexual epiphany. If there’s any reason to endure three hours of Hollywood back-slapping and Sandra Bullock montages, this may be it.

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