Introducing French Horn Rebellion and the Next Wave of Local, Blown-Out House: Download “Beaches And Friends (New York Version)”


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Increasingly huge Brooklyn-via-Milwaukee fuzz-dance duo French Horn Rebellion is the next step in that whole wave of crunchy-riff, post-Daft Punk, Francophilic blown-out house. Mainly because they pretty much sound like a good rock band. A pair of real-life brothers, Robert and David Perlick-Molinari make chug-house that’s more friendly, less neon, and way huggable–the genteel face of an insular scene. “Beaches and Friends” was co-written with Brazilian duo Database via a series of hooks and ideas they passed around their circle of friends. Without an “original” track to ever work with, Database popped out a propulsive club edit, fellow Brazilian club-knockers the Twelves popped out a pair of windswept mixes, and the Chicago trio Hey Champ weighed in with a disco-funk version of their own. French Horn Rebellion’s “New York Version” is the punkiest, new-waviest of the bunch, existing somewhere between a grimy stroll down “Electric Avenue,” a sweaty Justice warehouse show, and a Spanish rave. It’s out in the U.K. now on Once Upon A Time.

French Horn Rebellion on “Beaches And Friends (New York Version)”

How did this song come about?

Robert: Database started with the idea of a fun, dirty groove and labeled it “Beaches and Friends.” They sent it to us and in a similar spirit we added the vocals and counter-melodies and extra instrumentation, etc. We then sent those parts to our friends Hey Champ, and Database sent it to their friends, the Twelves. Database made a club edit and then we made our NYC version, and boom! It’s fun because the original version of the track only exists in our collective imaginations… It’s like variations on an enigma.
David: The inspiration mostly comes from the beach and hanging there with your friends–but then it became something more. Like hanging with your friends on the beach represented being in a healthy place creatively and emotionally–sharing experiences and memories moment by moment, letting inspiration sweep you away, and enabling you to express your innermost musings and true feelings. What can be more satisfying and mind-opening than swimming half naked in the ocean with your close friends? Being a human with the mighty awe of this world flowing through your legs. So I guess that’s why we’re always looking to get back to the shore. That and the seductive kelp.

What makes this the NYC version? Which is your favorite version and why?

David: It reminds us a lot of how NYC appears to us. Being on an island, everything gets built in the up direction, layers upon layers of textures, things living up upon others, destruction, and then new construction. Chaotic, confusing and messy, but alive with energy and excitement. They call it an urban jungle for a good reason. My favorite version is Hey Champ’s because I think they were able to tap into the meaning of the original song in my head the most potently.
Robert: I think my favorite is the Database Club Edit because it bangs! Every time it’s played, I go crazy. They did such a great job with it I lose my mind.

Tell me about your favorite beach memory?

Robert: I love building sand castles! Whenever I go to the beach these days, nobody ever wants to build one with me.
David: When Robert was like barely walking we were visiting our grandma in Florida. In the middle of the night the whole family was awoken to Robert, or “Rippy” as we used to call him, running for the front door and yelling “Go Go Beach! Go Go Beach!”

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Robert: Life Cafe on Flushing!
David: La Nonna on Bedford. Yum–make sure you order the specials.

Download: French Horn Rebellion, “Beaches And Friends (New York Version)”

French Horn Rebellion play Music Hall Of Williamsburg with Hot Chip on Saturday, February 6.

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