Jerzify Your Favorite Indie Stars: Thom Yorke, Feist, Hipster Runoff, and More


This isn’t the dumbest way we’ve ever spent an hour in the workplace, but it’s certainly up there. The most idiotically laughable meme of the past few days goes to Jerzify Yourself, the inevitable Jersey Shore personal-transformation site in the glute vein of such popular avatar reconfiguration hubs as Simpsonize Me and MadMen Yourself. The gist is Snooki-grade simple: upload a medium-sized jpg, scale the image to fit, choose your spraytan shade, pick your pose–and holy Freckles McGee, you’re magically recast as a human meatball. Michael Cera already did this for real, so with the help of the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator, it seemed like a natural progression to run your favorite indie luminaries through the G.T.L. ringer. Certainly you can conceive better ones, and please do send them our way, but first, a few words of caution: beards look funny, as does Thurston Moore, and thin-faced folks don’t adapt well to this interface, so Bradford “DJ Douchebag” Cox and Stephen “S-Tan” Malkmus were sent to the great Apple trashcan in the sky. So without further adieu . .


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