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Jim Letten, U.S. Attorney, Recuses Himself in James O’Keefe Case; Rightbloggers Declare Conspiracy


Yesterday Andrew Breitbart, employer of James O’Keefe, the conservative reporter arrested for fooling around in Senator Mary Landrieu’s offices, accused the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana of leaking details of O’Keefe’s arrest to the press and denying him swift access to an attorney. Now it is revealed that the U.S. Attorney, Jim Letten, has recused himself from the case without giving a reason.

Conservative writer Don Surber suggests that Letten recused himself because Landrieu had lobbied to keep Letten, a Bush appointee, in his job when Obama took office. (Breitbart’s own site oddly describes this as “Don Surber at the Dailymail asks if James O’Keefe was framed.”)

Letten was yesterday appointed to a DOJ advisory board, which action pleased Republican Senator David Vitter (“This prestigious appointment makes it crystal clear that Jim isn’t going anywhere except on regular trips to Washington to personally advise the attorney general”), who in gratitude is said to be prepared to unblock some Obama appointments.

Main Justice believes the recusal may owe to the fact that one of the other defendants in the case, Robert Flanagan, is the son of another U.S. Attorney serving in Louisiana.

As has become traditional for them, rightbloggers celebrate this as evidence that O’Keefe’s is being framed by the liberal media and its co-conspirators (“I would not be surprised at all if Eric Holder’s Selective Justice Department is going to do all it can to discredit and smear O’Keefe considering the damage he did to ACORN,” etc).


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