Martha Stewart Lunches with Old Prison Pal; Madonna Invests in Coconut Water


McDonald’s is celebrating 20 years in Russia with a buy-one-get-one-free deal on hamburgers. The chain only this year started outsourcing all ingredients. When it first entered the Russian market, all 300-odd ingredients had to be made in-house.
[NY Times]

Food companies could be charged more than $250 million in fees under a proposal in the FDA’s new budget. The fees would be used to improve inspections of facilities.
[Wall Street Journal]

Kraft Foods is preparing to seal the $18.6 billion deal to take over Cadbury today. U..K Business Secretary Peter Mandelson is looking to protect some 4,500 jobs from being cut.

Martha Stewart recently had lunch at the Four Seasons at the same time as Sam Waksal, formerly of ImClone. Both went to jail for the same insider trading case.
[NY Post]

Madonna loves coconut water so much that she’s investing some $1.5 million in Vita Coco. Fellow celebs Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore have also bought in.
[NY Post]

A new study reveals another reason Manhattanites are skinnier than the average American: the island has fewer non-food shops selling snacks at the checkout.
[NY Post]


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