Oscar Nominations: I Got 31 Out of 35 Right!


That’s more than 88%!

I only got four wrong in the categories I predicted, and that’s worthy of some kind of trophy, no? No???

True, I didn’t predict The Blind Side and A Serious Man getting Best Picture nods. (The latter truly deserves it; I just thought it was way too esoteric for Oscar).

And I had dropped Penelope Cruz from the supporting race because Nine was losing steam and turning into a nein (though she’s the most sensational thing in the film).

And no one saw Maggie Gyllenhaal coming for Crazy Heart (though she’s very good, even as she has to say exposition-eliciting lines like, “So, what’s your real name?”)

But enough about me. My biggest regret is that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs got dissed from Oscar’s animated feature list! It was delicious!

By the way, not that you asked, but if Best Picture didn’t include 10 nominees this year, the five I feel would have been shitcanned are:

The Blind Side

A Serious Man

District 9

An Education

and Up.

Deal with it.

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