Slashfood Serves Up Some Cheesecake


Slashfood’s gone and singled out 10 lusty ladies for its 10 Hottest Women in the Food Industry list. Looking at the list, the “food industry” designation seems a bit inaccurate.

Every single one of the women included–such as Padma Lakshmi, Katie Lee Joel, Cat Cora, and Gail Simmons–is famous not for working in the food industry, but for her work in the TV industry. Flashing a bit of boob on the Food Network and breathing heavily over a souffle does not a Woman of the Food Industry make. Still, props for the somewhat unorthodox inclusion of Paul Deen: anyone who’s seen the way she looks at deep-fried macaroni and cheese would be hard-pressed to disagree that she doesn’t meet the list’s requirement of taking “big, reckless, greedy bites out of life”–or at least the scenery.

[Via Grub Street]

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