Stephen Colbert Teases Harold Ford Jr. on Residency, Abortion


Harold Ford Jr., unannounced contender for Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate seat, caught some zingers from Stephen Colbert on his alleged new home in New York last night (“Evidently six minutes at my interview table counts as New York state residency”). Ford handled them cooly — which is remarkable, considering that, though he claims to have moved to New York three years ago, the Memphis Commercial Appeal found that as of January 12 he was registered to vote in Tennessee. His condo at 415 South Front Street was then listed as his residence in voting records, and he last voted in Shelby County, Tennessee in the 2008 Presidential election. Ford says he registered to vote in New York this fall.

Colbert also twitted Ford on the longevity of his pro-choice and gay marriage stands, on the latter of which he had a wife and friends who had “educated” him. “If you are for politicians who are static in their thinking,” Ford said, “I’m not your guy.”


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