The drifty highlight of the first annual Unsound Festival‘s formidable 10-day spiral into electronic music features an all-star, cross-continental lineup of the world’s greatest ambient dreamers and sound cloud shamans. Montreal’s Tim Hecker is the reigning champ of enveloping whoosh and suffocating drone, erecting monstrous skyscrapers of fuzz to entrance and uplift. Austrian trio Radian play errant particles of electroacoustic spazz like deconstructed free jazz and Sweden’s Tape play strum-and-drift in circular, fragile, gorgeous, sun-dazed threads. The night is rounded out by local drone sculptors Mountains and a once-in-a-lifetime performance showcasing the inventions, serendipity, and wide-eyed discovery produced from the fest’s Kids Electronic Music Workshop.

Wed., Feb. 10, 8 p.m., 2010

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