Why Do I Love The Nightlife People?


Because they’re not boring.

They’re often needy, seedy, and incredibly annoying, but they’re NEVER BORING!

And like me, they’re all slightly cracked people who weren’t quite loved enough as children, so they come together and create a family where everything is accepted, where the things you were ridiculed for in the high school cafeteria become your calling cards, where disapproval is not the least bit welcome, at least not once you’ve gotten past the doorpeople and VIP ropes and occasional snobs holding you back from fabulousness.

And they’re brave! A commenter or two here ragged on “hybrid drag queen” Acid Betty the other day, but it takes guts to dig inside yourself and pull out something that flashy and convention-defying.

It takes all the nerve in the world to make yourself into a living work of art, perched on the edge of everyone’s else’s fears and reservations.

So come along and join the non-boring party! Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome…

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