New York

Another Bronx Cop, Miguel Burgos, Accused of Robbing Drug Dealers


An NYPD cop was arrested yesterday outside his home in the Bronx for allegedly conspiring to commit armed robberies of drug dealers.

Miguel Burgos is accused in a federal indictment of furnishing a Hydra Ram (a hydraulic forcible-entry tool) and a police scanner to the 2008 scheme. His further alleged involvement in the ripoff of drug dealers isn’t yet known; his arraignment in federal court in Manhattan is scheduled for later this afternoon.

The arrest of Burgos comes only two months after another Bronx cop, Juan Acosta, was busted for allegedly being part of a coke ring. Acosta was accused of using a police car to rob one dealer and of serving as a courier for another dealer. Acosta was accused of working in the cocaine-distribution scheme for the past four years.

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