Couples to Splurge on Eating Out this Valentine’s Day; Are Fancy Restaurants Getting Louder?


China is doing a 10-day emergency inspection of dairy products following reports that some of the tainted products that the government ordered destroyed during the food safety scandal of 2008 had been repackaged for sale. [NY Times]

Couples are expected to spend less on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, but will make up for it by splurging on dining out, especially seeing as the day falls on a holiday weekend. [Crains]

An agricultural cooperative in Peru that once was known for raising coca leaves to be sold to drug lords for cocaine have now switched to raising cacao for chocolate production. [Time]

Grant Achatz of Chicago’s Alinea, Wylie Dufresne of WD50, and Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges are among a growing number of chefs experimenting with molecular mixology. [Wall Street Journal]

The River Cafe is hoping to secure permission for a cabaret license when it goes before Community Board 2 tonight, but may face some opposition. [NY Post]

Domino’s pizza, with its reformulated recipe, won in a national taste test against Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. Some 1,800 people in eight U.S. markets participated. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Are fancy restaurants getting louder? Tony May, who ran the formal Italian San Domenico until opening the much jazzier SD26, doesn’t “think of it as noise. It’s excitement.” [Wall Street Journal]

Kosher or halal meat is not necessarily safer. Beef briskets and chicken skin may have less microbes due to salting, but mechanical feather plucking, for example, can damage meat. [Slate]


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