Diane Sawyer Fucked Me Over Twice Yesterday


Two producers from Diane Sawyer‘s news show contacted me separately yesterday morning about appearing in different Oscars-related segments.

One who’d read my blog picked my brain for more information, then called back to ask me to elaborate on five Oscar topics I had generously given her.

The other one thought it would be hilarious for me to sit down with Diane for a web chat about this year’s batch of nominees, and I totally agreed.

But not long after that, he called me back and mysteriously said they were “switching gears” and dumping me.

Then the first lady called back (after much prodding for updates) and said SHE was “switching gears” too. The script for that segment no longer required any commentator at all!

I assure you it wasn’t my fault–I was as sparkling and full of Oscar info as anyone they could ever hope to get. (Anyone ALIVE, that is.)

Still, both pests combined to fill my entire morning with annoying equivocation–hardly something you to do a legend just lionized in a New York Times profile!

I didn’t watch the newscast to see if they ripped off my copious ideas–and I hope no one else did either!

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