Goldie Hawn Turned Down a Flaccid Penis


You may know Goldie Hawn merely as Kate Hudson‘s mother.

But I happen to know the lady as an Oscar winning movie star and a terrific comic actress whose memoir A Lotus Grows In The Mud I just managed to catch up with.

And one of the book’s most memorable bits has pre-fame Goldie going to the apartment of Li’l Abner creator Al Capp for an audition filled with a little too much dogpatch.

When Capp asked her to lift her skirt and show her legs, Goldie got apprehensive.

Then Capp made her sit next to him on the couch, and the blonde cutie felt a tad vomity.

Remembers Goldie, “I see that my host has parted his silk robe to reveal a flaccid penis resting heavily against his wooden leg.”

It was his li’l Abner, as it were.

And his leg was the only wood he was sporting.

Disgusted, she turned it down, to which Capp snarled, “You’ll never get anywhere in this business, Goldie Hawn!”

He then threw a $20 bill at her, and THAT she went for.

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