James O’Keefe, ACORN and Landrieu Stinger, Ran Racist Forum Present at Race Debate


[Update, Feb. 4: New information has come to light that contradicts some key points in this story; for our clarification, see here.]

James O’Keefe, the videographer famous for taking down ACORN (and infamous for trying to take down Senator Landrieu), organized a speaking forum for white supremacists and was even photographed manning the event’s merchandise table.

The hate watchdog group One People’s Project photographed O’Keefe at the 2006 event, called “Race and Conservatism,” which featured the white supremacist Jared Taylor as the keynote speaker.

OPP’s founder, Daryle Jenkins, told that a freelance photographer OPP hired for the event found O’Keefe staffing a table which “was filled with tracts from the white supremacist right, including two pseudo-academic publications that have called blacks and Latinos genetically inferior to whites: American Renaissance and The Occidental Quarterly.”

It is telling that O’Keefe would organize an event that even the Leadership Institute — O’Keefe’s employer at the time, which has been known to produce its own racially charged publications — would not touch.

According to Salon, the Southern Poverty Law Center shamed the Leadership Institute out of sponsoring the event. Undeterred, O’Keefe joined Marcus Epstein, a violently racist colleague from the Institute, in organizing the event nearby on their own. The event was even billed beforehand on the popular White Supremacist blog, Stormfront.

There have been overt racial themes in all of the work O’Keefe has produced. Salon reports on O’Keefe’s “Affirmative Action Bake Sale,” where “O’Keefe stood at a table in the center of campus offering baked goods at reduced prices to Latinos and African-Americans while whites were forced to pay exorbitant amounts.” We reported last year on O’Keefe’s “Taxpayers Clearing House,” where O’Keefe duped non-white people into thinking they had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

O’Keefe is alleged by a Daily Kos poster to have kept an explicit online diary in which he documented the horrors of dorm life with minorities and homosexuals, fragments of which he presents, the blog having by his account been scrubbed from the Internet.


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