Jenny Sanford, Elizabeth Edwards Make Democracy Fun Again


The country’s in the toilet — in lieu of bread, let’s get right to the circuses. Jenny Sanford has revealed more hilarious details of her life with South Carolina governor and adulterer Mark Sanford. Apparently the first red flag came when Mark and Jenny were working on the wedding vows and he said he didn’t want the fidelity clause in there. “It bothered me to some extent,” she admits, but says, “we were very young, we were in love.” And you know how that is: if you love him, you’ll let him have sex with other women. We’ve all been there, right?

Things were magic for a while, but then Jenny found “e-mails where her husband talked about his lover’s body parts,” per AP’s account of her grisly-sounding Barbara Walters interview. She of course wanted to protect her children, but then the papers got ahold of them. “It just ripped me up,” she says, “to see them reading these e-mails, to see them have to grow up so fast.”

Actually we doubt the letters accelerated the maturation process of Sanford children (aged 10 through 17) so much as their respective young gorges, but apparently there’s a lot we don’t know about that family. Governor Sanford says he’s eager to read his future-ex-wife’s coming tell-all book. “I know anything Jenny does, she does well,” says the look-on-the-bright-side Governor, “so I look forward to reading it along with everybody else.”

The interview airs on Friday on 20/20, and we can’t wait to see Walters, former mistress of Senator Edward Brooke, cluck in sympathy.

Meanwhile a “friend” of Elizabeth Edwards — whose husband got his extracurricular lovin’ stateside, and thereby had a kid — tells the National Enquirer (hey, they broke the cheating story, why not) that the former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate beat her. “When he made the decision to hit me, it was over,” Mrs. Edwards allegedly told the unnamed source.

“The National Enquirer is claiming bragging rights big enough to deserve a Pulitzer,” says the Dallas Morning News. No doubt all those old journos who kept their mouths shut about JFK’s affairs are kicking themselves over the medals they lost.


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