Rachael Ray Says That Motorino’s the Best Pizza on the East Coast


It seems only yesterday that Alan Richman was fanning the flames of controversy with his list of the 25 best pizzas in the country. Actually, it was last May, and in the world of food best-of lists, that’s about 47 years, so thank heavens that no less a culinary authority than Rachael Ray has come up with a new list of the best pies the U.S. has to offer.

Actually, the list, published in the March issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray, was compiled by Serious Eats’ Ed Levine and Slice’s Adam Kuban, two dudes who know their way around a perfectly charred upskirt. Although they have yet to reveal who will take the top honor of the country’s best pizza, Motorino is one of their four semi-finalists. The others, representing three other regions of the country, are L.A.’s Pizzeria Mozza, Chicago’s Great Lakes, and Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco.

Levine and Kuban also sang the praises of Di Fara, Fornino, Franny’s, Keste, and Lucali .The winner will be announced sometime in the near future, which should tide over slice fanatics until the opening of Pulino gives them something else to argue about.

[Via Grub Street]

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