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Rush Limbaugh Says He’s an Assman; Outrage Ensues


Radio host and Miss America Pageant judge Rush Limbaugh said on the air today, “I love the women’s movement — especially when walking behind it.” Jezebel is not amused (“Need a shot of rage to get you going?”); Think Progress’ Amanda Terkel notes polling that shows “not that many women really like Limbaugh either,” in response to which information, “to figure out how he could ‘own women,’ Limbaugh then had a ‘Female Summit.'”

We can’t say as we’re fans of the man, but his gag sounds no worse than what you’ll hear on Two and a Half Men several times every week. We realize he’s doing his damnedest to be president of the he-man woman-haters club, but the cream of the jest is, he likes looking at women’s asses, which if used as a measure of feminism would disqualify, to paraphrase Iggy Stooge, all of you boys, and some of you women.

The photo is of Christina Hendricks at the DGA Awards from Warming Glow, shown from the front to exempt us from similar criticism.



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