Cyclones’ Park Sheds Corporate Master, Gains Credit Union Sponsor, Ugly Name


The park in which Mets farm team, the Brooklyn Cyclones, play in Coney Island used to be called Keyspan Park, but the sponsor pulled out — allegedly because they’re now called National Grid, though we expect they could have just called it National Grid Park, ugly as that would be, and maintained their contract to its 2020 end-date. Nonetheless Cyclones management called the split “amicable.”

Today the Cyclones announced the new sponsor and, like a lot of organizations these days, it’s getting a new one courtesy of Big Government: the Municipal Credit Union, a non-profit financial institution which does bank for city workers. The team’s home field is now called MCU Park. While we appreciate that this is a friendlier bank than some ballparks have as corporate masters, MCU Park is an even uglier name than the park had before.

Fuck this: We’re calling it Wally Backman Park.



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