Lady Gaga Was in a Broadway Show!


Well, a high school version of a Broadway show. When she was 18.

See, as a senior named Stefani Germanotta, she played Adelaide, the blond showgirl in love with the gambling schnook Nathan Detroit, in Guys in Dolls. The same show I played Benny Southstreet in as a high school junior!

In this piece for the NYU paper, Matt Margini remembers playing in the band for the show and being wowed by the girl’s moxie, voice, chops, and charm.

But not anymore. “She’s obscured; she’s opaque,” he writes of Gaga today. “Layers upon layers of distortion guard her actual personality…She’s not like Taylor Swift. She’s hardly a person.”

Still, Margini admits to sometimes saying on job interviews, “I played backup for Lady Gaga!”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 4, 2010

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