Men’s Health Lists New York Among “Least Drunk” U.S. Cities


Thanks to the Riverfront Times, we have seen a preview of an upcoming list article in Men’s Health about America’s Drunkest Cities. USA Today says the magazine finds Fresno, California, the nation’s drunkest municipality. Metrics include liver disease and DUI rates. We note that in 2004 Fresno had enough of a public intoxication problem to set up an outdoor drunk tank (they say it was a funding issue, but in light of this news we suspect overcrowding).

But the shocker is that New York winds up on the Least Drunk Cities list — #8, between Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Durham, North Carolina. What a fall for the city that once hosted Dorothy Parker, Norman Mailer, and James Agee, and is still the home of Vito Fossella! We blame Nanny Bloomberg and his drive to arrest stoop drinkers, and temperance lectures from the New York Times.

Among the cities even less drunk than ours are Miami (probably all coked up) and Boston — Boston? Recount!

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