Michael Jackson’s Kids Come Out From Under His Shadow


It’s only since the death of their father, pop legend Michael Jackson, that his children have been able to rip off their coverings and appear unashamedly in public. And I bet it’s doing them a world of good!

No more secrecy, coddling, hiding, and paranoia. No more blankets, towels, sheets, drapes, and masks.

In full view, Paris touchingly spoke at dad’s memorial in July, and she and Prince Michael appeared at the Grammys last Sunday to charmingly accept a special tribute for him.

I’m sure they miss daddy and some of the fun games he played, but there must also be a bittersweet sense of relief that they can finally throw away their freak umbrellas and be seen and heard without fear or self-consciousness.

Michael’s father, however, needs to stay covered up.