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Poll: New Yorkers Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana


The new Quinnipiac poll doesn’t have too many surprises — voters still think the state is being run into the ground, don’t want new taxes, etc. — but it does contain this novel question: Do voters think legalizing medical marijuana — which is before the state senate now, though it keeps getting nervously passed among committees — “is a good idea or a bad idea”? They say it’s a good idea, 71-25 percent. Even Republicans approve medweed, 55-41, though less than those stoner Democrats (78-19). “Voters High On Medical Marijuana,” says Quinnipiac, depriving us of a clever headline.

The rest of it goes like this: the legislature sucks, and is prone to “business as usual,” and the state’s problems are “very serious,” but voters still want the inept Democrats in charge and split responsibility for the verkakte budget evenly among the parties; voters prefer to cut government payroll and services to getting taxed more, but say hands off education funding.

The Q-poll also finds strong opposition to Governor Paterson’s revived plan for a non-diet-soda tax (57-40). Only 37 percent of respondents admit to drinking non-diet soda, so we assume much of this opposition is on principle.

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