The Dumbest Bartender in New York


I went to an East Side bar the other night and ordered a whiskey and coke for one friend and a water for the other. Yes, I was actually treating!

But that’s not the point of the story. This is a cautionary tale about how I almost got royally screwed and realized I should never try to treat anyone again!

But back to the story:

“Seven dollars,” said the ‘tender.

So I gave him a 20 and said, “Take 10.”

The guy lit up like a Christmas tree, and I assumed it was because he thought a three-dollar tip on seven bucks was really nice. And it was!

But instead of giving me back 10 dollars, the guy only gave me three! SAY WHAT??? How did this low-end bit of libation end up costing me $17?

I had to corner the crafty little devil and say “WTF?”

“Oh!” he replied, “I’m so embarrassed. I thought you meant I should take a 10 dollar tip.”


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