A New York Poutine Crawl Reveals Brooklyn to Be an Unlikely Poutine Paradise


While we realized awhile ago that New York was being slowly colonized by poutine, we had no idea how thorough the infiltration was until the folks at the D.C.-based blog Endless Simmer decided to journey here to conduct a poutine crawl.

The crawl’s participants traveled from Park Slope to the Upper West Side, with a couple of detours to the Lower East Side. They sampled seven poutines in all — an eighth, at the Hotel Griffou, was rejected after the crawl’s organizer read some bad reviews of the place and grew understandably concerned that it would be “a little too scene-y for [his] tastes.”

Mile End’s brisket-enhanced poutine — whose praises Our Man Sietsema sang earlier this week — was judged Best Poutine in Show.

Reading about the crawl, we were a) impressed and a bit appalled by how much poutine the participants were able to ingest, apparently without fatal consequence, and b) somewhat amazed to realize that Brooklyn has become something of a poutine paradise. Between Mile End, Sheep Station, and Corner Burger, which serves 13 varieties of the stuff, the vicinity of the Flatbush and Atlantic Avenue intersection has unexpectedly morphed into curd country.

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