At the Mark, Jean-Georges Will Dabble With Buckwheat Fettuccine and Gender-Bending Sandwiches


Jean-Georges Vongerichten took to his blog earlier this week to provide a little preview of what he’ll be serving at the Mark, the restaurant he’ll be opening in the Upper East Side’s Mark Hotel.

The chef provides lots of shots of the restaurant’s wood-accented, carefully lit interior, which was designed by Jacques Grange and feels, Vongerichten writes, “high-end and flush.” Incidentally, it also has comfortable chairs.

Vongerichten’s menu is comprised of “comforting, everyday food to contrast the refined ambiance,” which means he and his team are working to “reinvent and perfect the rustic, classic dishes from my childhood in France.”

Those dishes include the Croque M., which the chef describes as “a cross between a croque monsieur and croque madame.” The key to his gender-bending version, he explains, is to “make a Mornay sauce with gruyere and comte, then spread it on slices of fresh pain de mie. I do a triple-decker version with Flying Pig Farm ham, comte, and gruyere, then broil it with a quail egg on top. Delicious.”

Based on that description, one is inclined to believe him. Also on the menu is buckwheat fettuccine with clams, mussels, sweet shrimp, crab, uni, and a bit of chile. Vongerichten writes that the pasta is “as tasty as Matsugen’s soba, but completely different in this treatment.”

Desserts will also be throwbacks to the French classics — pastry chef Erik Hubert will be making whole cakes like a vanilla and chocolate-citrus charlotte, which Vongerichten promises will be served in “generous” slices.

While he doesn’t yet have an exact opening date for the restaurant, Vongerichten says it’s “getting close.”

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